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WMPC Sharathon

WMPC has been listener supported since the day we went on the air in 1926. The Gospel 1230 WMPC Sharathon is our main fundraiser held every year, usually in the early spring. WMPC's first Sharathon took place in 1974 designed to raise the much needed funds for a new building and tower antenna. At the Lord's blessing, it took only one Sharathon to raise all the money. Since then, Sharathon continues to be the source to raise the funds needed for the annual operating costs for WMPC.

For three days, we pre-empt regular programming and ask listeners to make a faith pledge. There's a variety of special guests which includes local pastors, civic and community leaders, and live music from some very talented grade-schoolers. The Sharathon also includes a free concert. The love offering at the concert also goes towards our Sharathon goal.

If you would like to make a pledge to WMPC, visit our Catalog page.

See some photos of the previous year's events.

Spring Sharathon

Fall Sharathon